EIU Research Programme

The Economist Intelligence Unit (EIU) is embarking on a global research programme dedicated to information risk. Over the next four months, the EIU will be publishing a range of content on the subject, including a white paper based on a global survey of senior executives and in-depth interviews with a host of experts and practitioners.

Information Risk Hub

This Information Risk hub will provide a platform for peer discussions on the leading edge issues raised by the research programme. By registering to the hub, you will gain access to this exclusive research, discussion and opinion on information risk as well as receive notifications on new content and updates on the live webinar. To tailor this content to suit your understanding of information risk, simply select your level of experience: the expert, the experienced executive, or the newcomer.


The Expert

Calling all CISOs, CIOs, CIROs and CROs actively involved in managing information risk.

I’m an information risk specialist who manages my organisation’s digital assets. I’m interested in cutting-edge research on information risk trends. I need to be up to date on how managing risks to information is moving beyond IT security.

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The Experienced Executive

Calling all C-level executives, directors and managers who require a better understanding of how information risk can impact their business.

I’m a business leader who needs to know how information will impact my business at a strategic level. I want to benchmark my organisation’s existing approach to managing information risk with industry best practice.

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The Newcomer

Calling all those who need to be brought up to speed about information risk.

I’m a business leader who is new to information risk. I need to know how my peers are approaching this risk in their business. I’m interested to know how I go about creating an effective information risk management programme. I need to know how to devote greater management attention and resources to this key risk.

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