Technical Checks

Supported Browsers

Wavecast Pro delivers live interactive video broadcasts to standard desktops, tablets and mobile browsers.

All major browsers are supported including:

1368558603_IE_50 1368558610_Firefox 1368558612_Safari50 1368558617_Chrome

  • Chrome 23 and above
  • Safari 5 and above
  • Firefox 16 and above
  • Internet Explorer 8 and above*

*Please ensure Adobe Flash Player 10 or above is installed

 Audio & Video Test Player

To ensure you will have a successful viewing experience and can receive live video please play the video below. You should see a moving image with sound.

IT Network Requirements

If you are experiencing any problems or would like to check with your IT department that your network supports live video broadcasting then the following information should be relevant:

View detailed technical network requirements

Access needs to be granted to Amazon Cloudfront via HTTP/s from the following:


These IPs resolve from the dns name

The Backup & IE8 Legacy player requires require acceptance of the following protocol:

rtmp via the following destinations:


Contact technical support

For further support please email

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