The Webinar

The focus 

The Information Risk webinar focused on how organisations in different industries perceive the risks to this strategic asset, and how they are approaching the management of information risk.

Date and Time 

November 20th 2013, 3.00 – 4.00 GMT.  Now available on demand.

What to expect 

Four expert speakers engaged in an informal discussion chaired by The Economist Intelligence Unit’s Denis McCauley for one hour.

Discussion topics included:

  • Where should responsibility for information risk management lie? Is the CIO the right person to oversee this? Does it need to escape the IT silo?
  • High profile cyber-attacks are bringing board-level focus to the topic. How can information risk professionals capitalise on this? What dangers are being overlooked?
  • How do businesses know which data is most valuable and which risks should be prioritised? Is putting a monetary value on all categories of information worth the effort—or even do-able?
  • What lessons can be learned from financial services, which has been ahead of the curve when it comes to managing information risk? How are other industries approaching information risk?
  • To what extent should information risk be part of the organisation’s broader risk management portfolio? Or is it unique enough to be managed separately? Should those with executive responsibility for information risk management sit on the corporate risk board?

The Speakers

Chairman: Denis McCauley, Editorial Director, The Economist Intelligence Unit

Dominique Guinard, Chief Technology Officer, EVRYTHNG

Evrythng is a company that connects products to the internet, allowing physical objects to provide information about who owns them and how they are being used. Dominique will talk expertly about the information that the internet of things has started to provide, and how that information should be valued and used.

Andrzej Kawalec, Chief Technology Officer, HP Enterprise Security

Andrzej leads a global research and innovation team, with a particular focus upon Cloud, Consumerisation, Cyber Security and the business risks surrounding information security systems, policies, users and process.

Andrzej has intimate knowledge of both the macro and micro challenges facing organisations today. He works at Board-level across the public and private sectors to help define and promote information strategies.

Amar Singh, UK Chair, ISACA Security Advisory Group

Amar has worked in senior cyber security roles across a number of sectors including online gaming and the NHS, as well as most recently at NI Group, formerly News International, the most high profile newspaper publisher in Britain. He will share his expertise as a C-level information risk executive, giving his views on how information risk strategy should be aligned with core business objectives.

Stephen Page, Non-executive director

Stephen is one of the UK’s leading experts on how boards can face the risks, challenges and opportunities of the digital age. He has helped lead some of the world’s most complex, mission-critical IT and the businesses which rely on it; he also brings specialist expertise in counterterrorism and cyber security.

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